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Birds of India ( Paperback)
Birds of India ( Paperback)


Bikram Grewal , Sumit Sen, Nikhil Devasar, Sarwandeep Singh, Garima Bhatia



146*210 mm

File binding

1500 gm.

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Details for Birds of India ( Paperback)

Birds of India covers over 1,300 species and distinct sub-species of birds found in the Indian subcontinent. It contains over 4,000 colour photographs including depictions of flight, plumage, hunting style and much more. The text provides vital and new information on voice and habits of each species. The distribution maps are accompanied by notes on status and density. This book will enable accurate field identification in one of the world�s most diverse avifaunal regions. An indispensable guide for all bird lovers.

About Bikram Grewal

Bikram Grewal has written over 10 bestselling books on Indian birds and the first comprehensive guide to the wildlife of India. He is also the author of several books on India and is closely involved with several institutions dealing with India’s environment. He lives in Delhi.

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About Sumit Sen

Sumit Sen is an expert birder, photographer and financial analyst, with an abiding interest in documenting the life of bird in India. He has also contributed articles to the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, Sanctuary and Save Us magazine and had articles appearing in the Journal of Threatened Taxa and Indian Birds. His photographs have been published in various books and journals worldwide.

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About Nikhil Devasar, Sarwandeep Singh

Nikhil Devasar is based in Delhi where he runs the Delhi Bird Club, an ornithological group. He also conducts awareness and education programmes for young people and school children, and organises a census of Delhi’s birdlife. His photographs have been published in several books, and are regularly featured in Indian and foreign magazines and publications.

Sarwandeep Singh runs a successful birding tour company and is one of India’s leading bird photographers. He travels the country in pursuits of rare fauna and many of his photographs appear in this book. 

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About Garima Bhatia

Garima Bhatia, a researcher in an automotive major and a chemical engineer by training, manages to find the time to travel and chase birds all over the world. Introduced to birds as a child, she now feels incomplete without binoculars around her neck and camera in hand.Her passion for birds and photography has instilled in her a deep interest in conservation and a belief that our natural heritage is under severe threat.

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