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Bollywood in Posters
Bollywood in Posters




240*305 mm


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A rare compilation of hand-printed as well as digitalized landmark Hindi film posters from the 1930s to the present - both tracing the journey of an art form and the evolution of cinema in India. The text accompanying each poster carries a synopsis, banner, details of cast and technical crew, date of release, famous songs, awards won, and some lesser-known anecdotes about the film. The posters are from young Hindi film buff, S M M Ausaja's personal collection of posters, lobby cards, record album covers and other memorabilia

About SMM Ausaja

SMM Ausaja, began a stint in TV Software production, joining Plus Channel in Mumbai under Amit Khanna and Mahesh Bhatt as a trainee on India’s first English daily A Mouthful of Sky in 1996. He went on to produce several TV shows in the years to come. Concurrently, his columns on cinema continued in various journals viz. G-magazine, Movie, tehelka.com, Screen etc. His stint with TV software production continued in companies like Plus Channel, Integral Productions, HFCL Nine-Broadcasting and Gemini Studios where he executed various popular projects. He has also directed documentaries on Lata Mangeshkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Hema Malini which were telecast on prime-time television. His debut book Bollywood In Posters, released in 2009, was nominated at the prestigious Vodafone-Crossword Book Awards under the Best Non-Fiction and Best Popular Book categories. Ausaja is currently Vice President at Osians in Mumbai—India’s premier auction house for art and cinema, having the world’s largest cinema memorabilia archive.

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