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Bombay Swastika
Bombay Swastika



129*198 mm


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Details for Bombay Swastika

Neither here nor there, but the nation’s nuclear machinery ticked away behind that hill. The location personally selected by Dr. Homi J. Bhabha—Mastermind, loved by one and all. So much so, they let him conduct nuclear experiments within pissing distance from the densely packed city—a convenient, air-conditioned commute from his home at Malabar Hills. That’s because Indians yearned for a bomb in a way others wouldn’t understand. Screw us, starve us, irradiate us, but build us one.’ Bombay Swastika investigates the workings of India’s Atomic Energy Establishment through Arjun’s character whose death causes a stir in the life of Ernst Steiger, proprietor at Steiger Engineering. The author brings out the bitter realities about Dr. Homi Bhabha’s struggle with the Phoenix Plutonium Reprocessing Plant, the smuggling of Krypton gas detectors and PL 480 protests in this one-of-a-kind gripping thriller.

About Braham Singh

Braham Singh With over two decades’ experience in telecommunications, Braham Singh is a technologist, an author and CEO of Red Snapper, a Malaysian company that promotes alternative technologies in Asian cities and rural areas. In the course of his career, he has written extensively on IT and telecommunications. Bombay Swastika is his first novel. He has also written the screenplay for Emperor, a political thriller set in Malaysia and based around the May 1969 race riots. Emperor, the novel, is near completion. He has begun research on his third novel, The Little Eunuch, set in China. Braham divides his time between Virginia and Hong Kong.

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