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Cappuccino Confessions
Cappuccino Confessions




129 x 198

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“Eventually, I realised, it wasn’t straight people who reduced homosexuals, men who curbed women, or the rich who oppressed the poor. It was the individual’s own character and lack of courage to be one with their truth that restricted them.” Two best friends, grappling with the many complexities of their lives, find themselves in the middle of chaos caused by unfulfilled expressions and desires. Choked by their secrets and desperate to find answers, they get embroiled in a dark web. In the midst of this turmoil, they believe they have each other...

About Anita Kumar

Anita Kumar is a trained calligrapher and an artist. She has held exhibitions on calligraphic Ganeshas and Oms in various galleries. Her inspirational journey, Turning the Page, has touched many lives. She is also the author of The Divine Light. Delhi: Anything Goes was Anita’s debut novel. Dividing her time between Delhi, London and New York, Anita took to writing to express the ever-changing canvas of her life.

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