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Carr & Lathamís Technology of Clothing Manufacture
Carr & Lathamís Technology of Clothing Manufacture




170 * 244 mm

PB with flaps

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Details for Carr & Lathamís Technology of Clothing Manufacture

The processes of modern clothing manufacture are explained here, alongside the equipment used. Latest developments are described as well as established methods. Manual, mechanised and automated processes are explained and their comparative advantages for certain purposes are considered as well as the applications of computer control and robotics. The Fourth Edition has been updated throughout to reflect advances in technology and a new chapter is now devoted to colour management and colour technology (including a colour section for the first time). There is a new chapter on trouble-shooting in the sewing room, giving practical solutions to common problems. Other significant additions are alternative methods of joining materials (ultrasonics, RF welding and moulding) and new developments in the traditional areas of garment and machinery technology. Students in clothing and fashion as well as garment technologists in the clothing industry will find this an invaluable resource in their increasingly complex role.

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