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Delhi  Anything Goes
Delhi Anything Goes




129*198 mm


170 gm.

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Details for Delhi Anything Goes

Four friends grow up in Delhi in the '70s and '80s before moving to different continents. Decades later, they reunite in Delhi, with its ever-changing landscapes. Reema, the only one to remain in the city of their shared past, is bitten by the high-society bug. Her friends who had moved out, witness a sea-change in her, and during their two-week stay in Delhi, not only do they wake up to the dying and decaying values of Delhi, but also to Reema's self-destructive ways. This humorous and witty take on Delhi's darker side is as entertaining as it is enlightening.

About Anita Kumar

Anita Kumar is a trained calligrapher and an artist. She has held exhibitions on calligraphic Oms and Ganeshas in various galleries across the world. She teaches calligraphy, is a travel enthusiast, and observes and absorbs life in all its varying hues. Her inspirational journey, Turning the Page, has touched many lives. Her other works of fiction include Delhi: Anything Goes and recently released Cappuccino Confessions.

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