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Drawing for Fashion Designers
Drawing for Fashion Designers




230*290 mm


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Details for Drawing for Fashion Designers

A complete guide to all aspects of drawing for fashion designers, from simple line drawing, though crayons, painting to collage and computers. It gives the technical information on mastering the human figure in clothed form while encouraging readers to find their own creative style. It offers drawing and illustration techniques galore - most with step-by-step demonstrations. But the book also pays great attention to the creative process, how to use colour when designing and how to build up a knowledge of fabrics and illustrate them to best effect. This is the most complete book on the subject to date and is made more useful by the sheer range of different styles of drawing. It encourages the reader to find a style that suits them.

About Ángel Fernández

Ángel Fernándezis a Spanish fashion designer and also teaches fashion and illustration. Since 1998 he has been a professor at the Catalan Fashion Institute at Barcelona. Gabriel Martin Roig is an artist who writes extensively on various artistic techniques, history of art and architecture. They both live in Barcelona.

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