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Fashion Prints —How to Design &Draw
Fashion Prints —How to Design &Draw




220*280 mm


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Details for Fashion Prints —How to Design &Draw

FASHION PRINTS is a concise step-by-step guide to designing symmetrical and repeat patterns for fashion design. The book contains 12 chapters, each containing a wide range of basic elements needed to create a pattern. It is demonstrated how to make various grids and how to apply the design elements to come to a repeating pattern. The visual approach makes these procedures very easy to understand and helps the reader develop his/her own creative ideas.Furthermore, each chapter gives a number of examples how to apply colour to the patterns. Last but not least, step-by-step drawings are included showing how to render the result on a fashion figure.All design elements are stored on the accompanying free CD-Rom and allow for near limitless variations in creating designs according to your own taste and style.Fashion Prints is a must-have for everybody interested in textile and fashion design.

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