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Forts & Palaces of India
Forts & Palaces of India




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India has a rich cultural past, reflected in its innumerable forts, palaces and other monuments, which abound not only in architectural splendour but also in intriguing individual histories. This book takes a splendid tour of these magnificent structures through the whole of India, from Kashmir in the north to Kerala in the south.

About Amita Baig

A Heritage Management Consultant and represents the World Monuments Fund, a private not-for-profit organisation in New York, US, which funds major conservation of the heritage in India. She has worked extensively with the Government and non-Government sector, developing strategies to protect and conserve India’s heritage for over two decades in India and the Asian region. She worked with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage at its inception and has written extensively, over the years, on the challenges of preserving India’s heritage. Her book, Forts and Palaces of India, is the culmination of 25 years of research on the subject.

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