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Kama-The Chronicles of Vatsyayana
Kama-The Chronicles of Vatsyayana



129*198 mm


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Details for Kama-The Chronicles of Vatsyayana

Kama began as a fluid creative process. Jaya wrote. Harsh drew. Together, they researched Vatsyayana and the period in which they wanted to place him, met scholars in Benaras, argued with professors in Benaras Hindu University, visited museums, poured over Kalidasa and his works, the original Sanskrit version of Kama Sutra and Sir Richard Burton’s translation, and learnt about his life and times at the Khajuraho temples and the Ajanta caves. Their purpose was not to produce a historical thesis, but to create a work that would resonate with the essence of the past while contemporising it for the reader today. The result is a novel, a story with pictures that entice, beguile, amuse and inform, from the first page till the last.

About Harshvardhan Kadam

Harshvardhan Kadam conceives, perceives and executes his experiences through visuals. With the mythologies seeded in his vision, he found his forte in contemporaneous storytelling. In 2007, Harshvardhan formed his collective, inkbrushnme, which is well-known in India for providing beautiful illustrations, unique and well-designed characters for graphic novels and children’s books. His first graphic novel was an adaptation of a Deepak Chopra’s book, Buddha: The Tale of Enlightenment. He has also consulted as art director for animation and live action films for various production houses across India. Harsh’s fascination with mythology comes from his father, Vijay Kadam’s, work. Vijay Kadam was associated with Amar Chitra Katha comics in the early ’90s. Art and design school fired Harsh’s potential into a distinct style that he is now known for. He has initiated a public art project called SEWD—Searching for Empty Walls Disorder. SEWD is a restless artistic disease, which results in modifying unused urban spaces into public art landmarks.

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