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Lassis of India : Smoothies With a Twist
Lassis of India : Smoothies With a Twist




203 x 254 mm

650 gm.

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Details for Lassis of India : Smoothies With a Twist

Did you know that buttermilk could be spiced up with a tempering of mustard oil and zesty spices? Would you be surprised to learn that fermented onion and lemon could add an exotic twist to the traditional yoghurt drink? Ever fancied green chillies in your glass of lassi? While smoothies are commonplace, a glass of the humble lassi is an undisputed choice for all seasons across India and beyond borders. Lassis of India: Smoothies With a Twist is not a book of ordinary recipes. With a touch of freshness and diversity, it is every beverage junkie’s delight. For experimental enthusiasts and those looking to recreate family favourites, Lassis of India offers 74 mouth- watering combinations in regional varieties and modern-day variations. With a mélange of flavours, unique spice blends and mixtures, go right ahead and whip up a storm in a glass for your dear ones.

About Radha Bhatia

A successful entrepreneur, running several multifaceted businesses is just one of the many roles that Radha Bhatia has been juggling for decades. A wife, mother, grandmother, champion of women empowerment, she is also an accomplished cook. Being from a generation that has been through significant transitions, she has embraced the new way of life without letting go of her traditional and cultural heritage. So, she is equally at ease looking up recipes on her iPad as she is preparing them in the handi her grandmother presented her when she first began cooking, sixty-five years ago.
Lassis of India is a result of her passion for cooking, concern for health of her loved ones, and the urge to pass on some of the good things she grew up enjoying.

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