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On Safari : The Tiger and The Baobab Tree
On Safari : The Tiger and The Baobab Tree




356*305 mm


2650 gm.

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On Safari: The Tiger and the Baobab Tree showcases the finest of wildlife photography in India and Africa. Trailing tigers with his lens on the rugged terrains of Kanha, Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Corbett, Nepal and, of course, the Sunderbans, and chasing lions, cheetahs, buffaloes, rhinos, elephants, wildebeest and more in Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa over the last two decades, renowned wildlife photographer Babi Nobis shares with the reader the alluring magic of the wilderness and its majestic inhabitants, in over 250 stunning visuals. A veritable collector�s edition.

About Babi Nobis

Babi Nobis is a tea exporter whose passion for wildlife is only matched by his love for cars. A founder member of the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI), Babi has shot extensively across the Indian subcontinent and the African continent. He is also the winner of the coveted silver medal in the Prints section of the 15th FIAP Nature Biennale World Cup in Photography, 2010.

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About Tina Nobis

Tina Nobis has been on several safaris and wildlife shoots with her husband. A keen observer of nature, she is known to maintain diaries of these experiences.

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