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Roshni : Inspirational Women
Roshni : Inspirational Women




254 x 254 mm

900 gm.


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Details for Roshni : Inspirational Women

Roshni, Inspirational Women tracks the inspirational journeys of 50 outstanding women hailing from different continents and walks of life, diverse socio-political and cultural landscapes, varied educational backgrounds and professions, who through sheer grit and determination carved out a place for themselves in the sun. This is a brilliant collection of awe-inspiring stories of women achievers who have compassion for humanity, and strive for an equitable and just society. A keepsake edition.

About Dr. Rashmee Sharma

Asian community, she conducted exhaustive research, digging up press coverage of the world’s foremost thinkers and achievers. Armed with a wealth of information, Rashmee envisioned creating the first-ever compendium of South Asian accomplishments. Seventeen years later, this multi-media platform for celebrating diversity is known as the Roshni Media Group.
This unique mission, which started as a means to increase American awareness of South Asian achievement, has evolved to include raising awareness of diversity on a global scale.
While accomplishing these goals, Rashmee nurtured and educated her children as a single mother, providing them with the best opportunities, so that they would be able to become well-adjusted, high-achieving individuals in society.
She recently debuted as Anchor along with her partner Mani Kamboj with one of the most ambitious projects of Roshni Media – producing TV series on inspirational achievers – ‘Shining Light of India’ for a leading Indian news channel, Times Now, in the US and Canada.
As Co-Founder of Roshni Media Group, RAYWA (Raising Awareness of Young Women with Autism) and FireTalk-777, Rashmee continues to strive for her mission to create global awareness of diversity, and autism – a cause close to her heart.
Rashmee divides her time between in New Jersey and Florida with her successful entrepreneur husband, Shalley, who shares her mission. They have been blessed with a wonderful family.
Currently, Rashmee, whose poems have literary journals globally, is writing two books: one on autism and a collection of poems.
An avid reader and traveler, Rashmee strongly believes in Karma, and in leading a balanced and harmonious life.

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