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Stories from Modern India
Stories from Modern India




129 x 198 mm

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Details for Stories from Modern India

Stories From Modern India presents some of the best-known voices of India—writers who have either chosen English as the language of expression or sought to express themselves in other Indian languages, underscoring the oft-contentious label of unity in diversity, and exploring in the process India in it multitudinous manifestations. This anthology explores a variety of subjects—the struggle for independence, and communal disharmony by Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya and Samaresh Basu; manipulation and political influence by RK Narayan and Manohar Malgaonkar; ambition by Bhisham Sahni; jealousy and sacrifice, aptly depicted by Ismat Chughtai; love and betrayal, portrayed by Gopinath Mohanty; freedom and choice, reaffirmed by Sagar Sarhadi, and also corruption, desertion, superstition and migration—through a gamut of human emotions, highlighting the universality of their themes. Abounding in memorable characters, this collection provides a glimpse of a nation in search of itself.

About Suresh Kohli

Suresh Kohli is a poet, literary critic, editor, translator, film historian and documentary filmmaker. He has 33 published works (including a novel) and 100 literary and cultural short films to his credit. Apart from India, his films have been screened in Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Nepal and the UK. He lives and works in New Delhi

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