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The High Sea Conspiracy
The High Sea Conspiracy




129 x 198 mm


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Details for The High Sea Conspiracy

When young Ricardo leaves the Brazilian town of Recife on an important mission, and sets sail on MV Castle to Ecuador, little does the crew on board know what the journey has in store for them. In a shocking turn of events, the Castle disappears with the Master on board, Captain Rajan Murthy, while the crew is sent back home. Has the ship been hijacked, stolen or simply gone down in the high seas? Inspector Jos

About Manveen S Anand

Manveen S Anand took up sailing as a profession immediately after college. With a passion for reading and travelling, Manveen, who was born and brought up in Chandigarh, has explored more than 30 countries in just over a decade. He used his camera to bring back home the stories of his travels, eventually taking up photography professionally. Over the years, he has showcased his photographic explorations of social issues in various exhibitions across India. The High Sea Conspiracy is Manveen S Anand’s debut novel.

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