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The Originals : Tales From Shakespeare
The Originals : Tales From Shakespeare




129 x 198

250 gm.

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From the repertoire of William Shakespeare’s most remarkable romantic comedies and classical tragedies, Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb is a keepsake collection for all lovers of literature. From Portia’s spontaneous wit to Desdemona’s untainted innocence; Cordelia’s candour to Romeo and Juliet’s tragic tale of passionate love, Tales from Shakespeare explores all facets of human personality with utmost sensitivity and great finesse. Charles and Mary Lamb promise their young readers a unique rediscovery of the Bard’s 20 phenomenal plays, bringing them closer to the relevance of the revered author’s prose and verse in the 21st century. The language is simple, the literary flavour is intact and the reading experience is exceptionally soul-satisfying. This collection is a perfect companion for all seasons.

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