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The Originals The Alchemist
The Originals The Alchemist




129 x 198 mm

250 gm.

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Details for The Originals The Alchemist

"Written by English dramatist, Ben Jonson, The Alchemist is a comedy condensed into five acts, and set during the plague of 1610 in London. The play was first performed in 1610 and published in 1612. The Alchemist presents the events after Lovewit, a gentleman, leaves his house to the care of his butler, Jeremy, who then transforms himself into Face. Face along with con-artists, Subtle, a supposed alchemist, and Doll Common, a prostitute, begins to run a fraudulent business. As the play unfolds, the con-artists become increasingly delusional about the existence of a Philosopher’s Stone. All these events eventually culminate in the master’s return and an interesting plot twist. The Alchemist highlights the deep-seated human craving for more wealth, power, and prestige. It also portrays Jonson’s masterly use of language, his art of satire and his writing as a dramatist. An outstanding insight into the journey of self refinement and the lives of those who live on the margins of society, The Alchemist is a must-read."

About Ben Jonson

Ben Jonson, born on 11 June 1572, was an English dramatist, poet, and literary critic. After completing his formal education, he joined his stepfather’s business, but left it to pursue a career in writing. By 1597, he was writing plays for Philip Henslowe. Jonson became a name to reckon with in 1598, when his play Every Man in His Humour was successfully presented by the Lord Chamberlain’s theatrical company.
Known for his literary craftsmanship and his fine artistic ability, Jonson’s direct influence is discernible in each genre he explored. Every Man in His Humour (1598), Volpone (1605), Epicoene; or, The Silent Woman (1609), and Bartholomew Fair (1614) are amongst his most notable plays.
Remembered as the second most important English dramatist after William Shakespeare, Jonson died in 1637.

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