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The Originals Three Man in a Boat
The Originals Three Man in a Boat




129 x 198 mm

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Details for The Originals Three Man in a Boat

"But who wants to be foretold the weather? It is bad enough when it comes, without our having the misery of knowing about it beforehand. Published in 1889, Three Men In A Boat is the most widely acclaimed novel by English author Jerome K. Jerome. Jerome wrote the novel after going on a boating trip along River Thames. Intended initially to serve as a tour guide, the novel, however, was soon overtaken by the comical elements and transformed into the humorous travelogue that is a classic today. Three friends, J. (Jerome), Harris and George, are apparent hypochondriacs in need of a vacation. A two-week long boating trip, they feel, would be good for their health. Narrated by “J.”, an embodiment of Jerome K. Jerome himself, the story chronicles in the form of ramblings and digressions, the hilarious adventures and mishaps of the three friends. The novel’s success led to a sequel, Three Men On The Bummel (1900) and was adapted in several art-forms including film and theatre."

About Jerome K. Jerome

JEROME KLAPKA JEROME, born on 2 May 1859 in Caldmore, Wallsall, England, was a famous English novelist, playwright and humorist. Before embarking on a literary career, he had worked as a railway clerk, actor, high school teacher and a journalist. In 1889, even though he became well known in the English literary circle with his comic travelogue Three Men In A Boat, success did not come easily to him. Jerome, however, continued to write short stories and satirical essays that he sent to various magazines. Finally, he achieved mild success with his memoir On The Stage And Off (1885) which consisted of comic sketches of his experiences as an actor. This was followed by Idle Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow (1886) initially published as a series of humorous essays in Home Chimes the famous magazine to which Jerome contributed regularly along with other authors like J.M. Barrie and E. Nesbit. Three Men In A Boat and Idle Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow turned Jerome into one of the most influential and celebrated English authors. Jerome K. Jerome also served as an ambulance driver for the French army during World War I. He died at the age of 68 on 14 June 1927 after suffering from a paralytic stroke and cerebral haemorrhage. In memory of the author, a museum was opened in Walsall in 1984, which subsequently closed in 2008.

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