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The Power of Yoga
The Power of Yoga




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Details for The Power of Yoga

The Power of Yoga demystifies ancient Sanskrit texts on the subject and a plethora of philosophies governing its practice, and makes them relevant to present times. While Patanjali�s Yoga Sutras provide us the roadmap to understanding the way of this science, the 21 Yoga Sequences for modern lifestyle-related disorders elaborated upon in this book, make it a valuable aid for the modern-day practitioner, more so since it is presented in simple language without diluting the authenticity of the techniques.

About Yamini Muthanna

Yamini Muthanna runs Yogasthala, a yoga school in Bengaluru where architects, entrepreneurs, artists, techies, CEOs, housewives, students and doctors, among others from across the globe, learn Ashtanga Yoga. Yamini has conducted workshops in London, New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles. A purist, she uses the yoga techniques of ancient masters. She has also interpreted the Yoga Sutras to make them accessible to the common people, and mapped out specific yoga sequences to tackle several modern-day stress-related situations preparing for an important meeting, speech or presentation at work, overcoming addictions, conquering social anxiety, anger, insomnia and much more. A distinguished Bharatanatyam danseuse, Yamini uses her yoga skills and learnings to add to the grace and beauty of this classical dance form.

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