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The Sacred Indian Tarot
The Sacred Indian Tarot



22 cards

130*170 mm


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Details for The Sacred Indian Tarot

A beautiful, hand-drawn deck of Indian tarot cards, The Sacred Indian Tarot: Symbols, Images and Icons from Indian Philosophy, combines the classicism of the Tarot with the aesthetic richness of Indian mythology. The book contains 22 (major arcanas) unique hand-painted cards with images taken from a rich pantheon of Indian mythology. The cards of the Tarot consist of potent archetypes rooted in Medieval and Renaissance Europe. The symbols, forms and figures used to represent them have been taken from Indian epics and scriptures and are rooted in the tenets of Hindu cosmic principles. The Sacred Indian Tarot deck is truly a collector�s item which can be used to gain a refreshing insight into love and relationships, finances, career and more. The book breaks new ground in Tarot divination, making it a wonderful tool for self-discovery.

About Kiren Rai

Kiren Rai's  tryst with the Tarots began 20 years ago, when she was introduced to the craft by a famous psychic and Tarot reader in East Africa, where she lived in the early part of her life. Her experience with the Tarot has been wonderfully positive, empowering her and helping her connect with the most essential parts of herself. She has explored various decks and found esoteric similarities in the symbols. This inspired her to put together an Indian deck of cards, replacing the traditional Tarot archetypes with Indian images and symbols. She believes that this mosaic of Indian cards, created by upcoming Indian artists, should be shared with a broader horizon of people.

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