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The Stranger In Me
The Stranger In Me




129 x 198

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Details for The Stranger In Me

One man. His three lives. One city. Amit is dead.Amit is alive.Amit is the superstar.Amit is a failed actor. Are there many men or just one man living different lives at different times? After 40 years, Amit wants to hark back to his youth and become a Bollywood hero. But Bombay is now Mumbai and he is no longer 20. Does Amit have it in him to be the hero of his own story? Rocky, his flatmate, a struggling writer by day and bouncer by night, steps in as a messiah of sorts, along with Disha, the daughter of a renowned movie producer, who is madly in love with Rocky and believes all is fair in love, and Sasha,Amit’s best friend, a hippie stuck in the ’70s. Chandni, the Bollywood siren of the ’70s, is still the reigning queen of Amit’s heart.With Amit back in the same city, will there be a reunion of two lost souls from another time? Will Amit achieve his Bollywood dream? Will Rocky pen a blockbuster? Will Disha win her love? The Stranger In Me, by Neeta Shah, bestselling author of Bollywood Striptease, and Aditi Mediratta, associate writer of films Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and The Dirty Picture, is an extraordinary tale of ordinary dreams, unfulfilled wishes, unrequited love and, above all, Bollywood.

About Neeta Shah

Neeta Shah, a qualified chartered accountant turned entrepreneur heads Pulp Fiction Entertainment, a successful marketing and strategy consultancy firm for Brands & Films in India. Writing, an old hobby, resurfaced as she decided to pen the behind-the- scenes of Bollywood in her ‘factual, but fictionalised’ bestselling book of 2012, Bollywood Striptease. The Stranger In Me is her latest offering.

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About Aditi Mediratta

Aditi Mediratta, a recent graduate in filmmaking from Prague Film School, started her writing career as a crime reporter for India Today’s afternoon daily. She soon moved to writing screenplays for Bollywood films. Her first release as an associate writer was Once Upon A Time In Mumbai (2010) followed by The Dirty Picture (2011). The Stranger In Me, co-written with Neeta Shah, is her first outing as an author.

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