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The Yogini' Oracle
The Yogini' Oracle



64 cards

130*170 mm


650 gm.

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Details for The Yogini' Oracle

The Yoginî pantheon, which can be observed throughout India in temples open to the sky, consists of an elaborate symbolic iconography that differs from one group of Yoginîs to another. The present oracle, containing sixty-four images of Yoginîs, was created as an auspicious dialogue with the inner self, steeped in an ancient wisdom. This divinatory deck will aid the seeker in achieving a deeper esoteric knowledge of the self and the path to the realisation of the self, in an easy and practical way. The oracle of the Yoginîs helps the seeker understand qualities, issues and divine protections, which lead to accurate, powerful and positive actions on the part of the seeker for the greater good of the w

About Stella Dupuis

Stella Dupuis is a Swiss author, born in Panama, who is an inveterate traveller and observer of different cultures and lifestyles. She has also taught yoga and meditation in many countries. After moving to India, she has studied the Yogini Cult in the Tantra tradition. Teli Ka Mandir, The Yogini Temples of India, In the Belly of the Fish and The Esoteric Teachings of the Kaulajńanirnaya are among her recent published works.

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