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Turning the Page
Turning the Page




140*216 mm


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Details for Turning the Page

Turning the Page is not a fictional story, but a powerful real-life account of calligrapher and painter Anita Kumar's unconditional surrender to Guruji and how faith helped her triumph over the most testing decades of her life. In our day-today lives, we conic across several people completely stressed out over situations far less challenging than what AMU had to endure at in levels. The absence of faith only compounds their lives, making [hem vulnerable to the turbulences of the journey of life. However. the power and magic of faith lie dormant in each of us and need but the right touchstone to shine through and lead us to peace. love and compassion. Anita found her touchstone and anchor in Omni. and thereafter. a new life. Undoubtedly. her experiences shall inspire several others to embrace Guruji's divine light that lead us away from darkness and despair to our own Inner radiance.

About Anita Kumar

Anita Kumar is a trained calligrapher and an artist. She has held exhibitions on calligraphic Oms and Ganeshas in various galleries across the world. She teaches calligraphy, is a travel enthusiast, and observes and absorbs life in all its varying hues. Her inspirational journey, Turning the Page, has touched many lives. Her other works of fiction include Delhi: Anything Goes and recently released Cappuccino Confessions.

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