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Why Should I Love You
Why Should I Love You




129 x 198

250 gm.

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Details for Why Should I Love You

Saloni, an ambitious and independent woman, moves away from the comforts of her hometown, Patiala, to New Delhi, a metro in an endless whirl. Saloni needs to champion the cause of gender equality and women empowerment, and set out on the quest for an ultimate soulmate, at the same time. Three men enter her life—Manish, whom she loves unreservedly, Piyush, who loves her unconditionally, and a mentor who could guide her to enlightenment.Will either be the soulmate Saloni hopes to find? Anjali Rai's debut novel, Why Should I Love You? is not an ordinary tale of love.Wrapped in a blanket of spiritualism, this riveting read is Saloni's journey of excitement, passion, pleasure and pain.

About Anjali Rai

Hailing from a family of freedom fighters,Anjali Rai began her career as a newscaster for Doordarshan. She later joined politics and served as a member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly for a decade. Her artistic inclination motivated

her to record a music album with T-Series. She has acted in short films and directed various documentaries. Her debut novel, Why Should I Love You? is an extraordinary journey of a woman in search of eternal love. 

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