Grazietta Salcedo D Crescenzo

Gragrazietta Salcedo D Crescenzo is a native of Puebla, Mexico where she studied to be a teacher, a profession she took up for ten years. Her interest in ancient cultures led her to the study of astrology. She is an international master of Feng Shui, a discipline she has been researching on since 1988. She also has a radio program El Danzante del Camino (The Dancer on the Road) where she disseminates knowledge about the ancient cultures of America, before the discovery by Christopher Columbus. Selling Points : Addresses the most pivotal question concerning the year 2012: Catastrophe or Awakening? Throws light on the ancient Mayan way of life, and the history of its traditions and belief reasserts the validity of co-existing with and respecting nature A New Age interpretation suggesting spiritual transformation of the world and its inhabitants Thought-provoking with a philosophical edge.