Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma (born Ram Gopal Varma), also known as RGV or Ramu is an Indian film director, screenwriter and producer, known for his maverick works in Telugu cinema and Bollywood. Varma has directed, written and produced films across multiple genres — psychological thrillers, crime films, road movies, slasher films, horror films, fictional films, experimental films, musical films, romance films, parallel cinema, and docudrama.

He directed path breaking Telugu film's like Siva (1989) premiered at the 13th International Film Festival of India, and has garnered Varma, the state Nandi Awards for Best direction, and Best first film of a director. The film has also garnered the Filmfare Award for Best Film – Telugu. The blockbuster classic was included in CNN-IBN's list of 100 greatest Indian films of all time. Varma then experimented with the road movie Kshana Kshanam (1991) for which he has garnered another Nandi Award for Best Direction. In 2004, He was featured in the BBC World series Bollywood Bosses. Varma is widely recognized as the intellectual fountain head of new age Indian cinema.