Charlotte Bronte

Born on 21 April 1816 in Thornton,Yorkshire, England, Charlotte Brontë was the third of six children of Patrick Brontë and Maria Branwell.

In April 1821, Charlotte’s mother died of cancer a few months after the family moved to Haworth.Thereafter, her mother’s sister came to live with the family.After her elder sisters Elizabeth and Maria fell critically ill at school, her father withdrew Charlotte and her younger sister Emily.The rigours of life at boarding school, unsanitary conditions, outbreaks of ‘low fever,’ or typhus, withdrawal of many students formed the base of Lowood School in Jane Eyre.

In 1833, Charlotte penned her novella, The Green Dwarf, under the name of Wellesley.

The Professor, Charlotte’s first manuscript, did not immediately find a publisher, although Smith, Elder & Co. of Cornhill expressed their desire to acquire her longer-form works and narratives. In her response, she completed her second manuscript in August 1847. Six weeks later, Jane Eyre was published under the pen name, Currer Bell. The Professor was published posthumously in 1857.

Charlotte Brontë explored themes of sexual politics, betrayal, romance, revenge, loss, and betrayal.