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Indian wildlife- Great Wild Cats ( Born To Be Free) - Om Books International
Being able to spend time, and document some memorable moments where the iconic cats have tolerated our intrusion, has been a great privilege. The wild kingdom unravels its secrets slowly and not always generously,’ aver wildlife aficionados Babi and Tina Nobis, who, for nearly three decades, have been on several safaris into the wilderness of India, Africa, and Sri Lanka. While Babi has frequently trained his lenses on the majestic animals that fight for domination and dominion in these raw and untamed habitats, Tina has captured them in their most candid moments through her video-camera, while also maintaining a regular journal of these memorable journeys and encounters on the edge. Great Wild Cats – Born To Be a stunning visual and written record of the great cats that live by the laws of the jungle. A companion volume to Babi and Tina’s first grand pictorial On Safari – The Tiger and The Baobab Tree, it reaffirms the authors’ deep passion and commitment to the preservation of wildlife, particularly the great cats. Replete with technically and aesthetically brilliant photographs that present a strong visual narrative, this ‘docu- drama’ is aptly rounded off by Tina’s crisp, engaging writing and video clips, all of which maintain the tempo of a cliffhanger. A must-have. 
CONTAMINATION - Om Books International
The first madness was that She was born. That the Gods stuffed Her
into a bag of tiny human skin. The second madness was, the Gods
stuffed Her inside—with Us.
“Let her die. Patala has her eye on her,” warned the Village-Shaman.

Twenty years on, Amba is too embroiled in her human wars to bother
about the voices inside her. Gun-toting psychopath Colonel Rosie
Madbull is inflicting dreadful vengeance on her people to get his hands
on the gold which is discovered under their soil. But he and his army
of bloodthirsty criminalsa have to confront the battle-hardened Amba.
But she is no ordinary girl.
Fleeing from Madbull’s jail, into the fearsome Jotsoma forest, Amba
is destined to fulfil many a prophecy—from seeking refuge inside a
monster buffalo and coming face to face with the menacing Patala and
her demonic pet Domovai. But her ceremony of ordeals is far from over.
In an apocalyptic battle between the good and the evil, she will be
forced to unleash the terrifying Furies. But they don’t come alone. They
bring the insidious Others, who are now out of control. Hunting with
Them will take Amba to the very edge of being a human...
The Navagrahas - Nine Celestial Bodies - Astrology books for Kids
This book introduces the little reader to the Navagrahas, their diverse qualities and how each of them influences our lives. Learn about their favourite gems, fruits and the gods who control them, in this colourful and lively book.
Until I Find You - An engrossing and twisted thriller
When Jenny sees the picture of a boy in a travel magazine, she is stunned. He is a dead ringer for her friend Rubina. But the boy is supposed to be dead. Ten years ago, Jenny had failed to save Rubina and the infant from the clutches of the charming leader of a dangerous cult who led his flock to a mass suicide. Jenny’s journey to find the boy leads her to a sleepy village in Rajasthan, where she comes across Virat, a police officer investigating the discovery of a decomposed leg from a construction site. Are the two cases linked? As her past threatens to catch up with her, Virat and Jenny get involved in a cat-andmouse game that leads to a diabolical climax. Taking off from the notorious Peoples Temple mass suicidemurder led by the charismatic Jim Jones, and told from multiple points of view, Until I Find You is a grim and brutal thriller where the arid landscape of Rajasthan is as much a character as the shadowy dramatis personae.
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