Great Wild Cats Born to Be Free

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?Being able to spend time, and document some memorable moments where the iconic cats have tolerated our intrusion, has been a great privilege. The wild kingdom unravels its secrets slowly and not always generously,? aver wildlife aficionados Babi and Tina Nobis, who, for nearly three decades, have been on several safaris into the wilderness of India, Africa, and Sri Lanka. While Babi has frequently trained his lenses on the majestic animals that fight for domination and dominion in these raw and untamed habitats, Tina has captured them in their most candid moments through her video-camera, while also maintaining a regular journal of these memorable journeys and encounters on the edge. Great Wild Cats ? Born To Be is a stunning visual and written record of the great cats that live by the laws of the jungle. A companion volume to Babi and Tina?s first grand pictorial On Safari ? The Tiger and The Baobab Tree, it reaffirms the authors? deep passion and commitment to the preservation of wildlife, particularly the great cats. Replete with technically and aesthetically brilliant photographs that present a strong visual narrative, this ?docu- drama? is aptly rounded off by Tina?s crisp, engaging writing and video clips, all of which maintain the tempo of a cliffhanger. A must-have.

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