Blood Moon

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Two years after the outbreak of COVID-19, the tourist destination of Matheran, nestled in the picturesque hills of Maharashtra, is slowly coming back to life. But amid the apparent calm, something is amiss, with locals reluctantly warning against haunted paths and possessed horses. Soon, an inexplicable death is reported. The mystery deepens when businessman Aditya Malhotra arrives in town with his wife, young son and two nieces to restore his newly bought property, the dilapidating Cecil Lodge, to its former glory as the local hospitality industry’s crown jewel. When a vicious spirit wreaks havoc and endangers the life of little “Sid”, the Malhotras are compelled to dig deep into the mansion’s secretive past—a tale of love and loss. In his debut novel, Blood Moon, film-maker Soham P. Shah weaves together a bone-chilling narrative where the horrors of the supernatural are matched only by those of human tragedy, infusing every page with thrill and pathos in equal measure.

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