Kamla K Kapur

Kamla K. Kapur was born and raised in India and studied in the US. Her writing has included plays, novels, poetry, essays and reimaging Indian spiritual writings. Her critically acclaimed books include, Ganesha Goes to Lunch: Classics from Mystic India (2007), Mandala, USA; also retitled Classic Tales from Mystic India, Jaico Publishing, (2013), and Rumi’s Tales from the Silk Road, Pilgrimage to Paradise (Mandala USA and Penguin India, 2009). Her new book, The Singing Guru, on the legends of Guru Nanak, is forthcoming from Mandala in 2015. Her highly praised books of poetry are As a Fountain in a Garden (Tarang Press, 2005) and Radha Sings (Dark Child Press, 1987).