Kaushik Ghosh

Kaushik Ghosh, a wanderer at heart, is a maestro orchestrating the symphony of life, blending eloquence, passion and the insatiable desire to explore the uncharted realms of human experience. A confluence of roles adorns Kaushik—a traveller who aims to travel all the countries around the world, an orator, a lifestyle coach, a presenter, a radio jockey, a passionate photographer. Born of the cultural cradle of Kolkata, a proud alumnus of Frank Anthony Public School and Scottish Church College, Kaushik embodies the spirit of the city that breathes life into dreams. In October 2022, he unfurled his literary wings with Man of the Match—Life of a Common Man, a Bengali memoir that unravels the tapestry of his journey from the innocence of childhood to the challenges of the first job. The pages dance with nostalgia, humour and wisdom inviting readers into the inner sanctum of his experience. As Chief Operating Officer of a prominent Indian corporation, Kaushik Ghosh has scaled professional summits, but his heart remains tethered to the extraordinary stories woven by seemingly ordinary people. His third literary endeavour, currently in the making, promises to be an inspiration, showcasing the remarkable feats of those who often dwell in the shadows. As he continues to pen his chapters of success, we eagerly anticipate the stories he will unfold and the worlds he will traverse, inspiring us all to embrace the extraordinary within the ordinary.