Pradeep Govind

Pradeep Govind is an NRI media marketing professional currently working in the Sultanate of Oman. He was the Project Director of the prestigious Times of Oman Literary Contest, a first of its kind literary project in the Middle East initiated and blueprinted by him with a view to offer emerging creative writers a platform to express themselves and benchmark their creative writing talent with the best in the region. His first book titled The ‘Capillary’ Effect & Other Short Stories was published on Amazon in 2013. One of the stories in the book titled ‘Unto Thy Neighbour’ was awarded an Honourable Mention for Literary Excellence in the Top 25 out of 1114 entries in the International Short Story Contest conducted by noted writer Lorian Hemmingway, the granddaughter of the legendary Ernest Hemmingway.

Pradeep is also an enthusiastic lyricist and musician and has released his own English music album on the HMV label in 1995 where he not only penned the lyrics, but composed the songs and performed the vocals as well. He also scripted the music video for one of the songs in it titled ‘It Could’ve Been Me’. He also does guest columns and articles for the Times of Oman—Oman’s leading English newspaper publication.