Rashme Oberoi

Rashme had an ‘inner calling’ since childhood wherein she could predict looking at the clouds, tea leaves and her dreams. She came across a deck of tarot cards and totally immersed herself learning and discovering divination, numerology and other occult studies including witchcraft. She began making predictions through tarot cards for clients roughly three decades ago. Along the way, she learnt the Wiccan way of life, which is practising positive spells for manifesting wishes and desires for herself and her clients ranging from health, relationship to financial issues. She practices Shamanic, Pranic, Crystal and Chakra healings. Rashme hosted a weekly show on Zee TV on tarot, dream interpretations and crystals for four years. Currently, she is hosting the weekly show for all sun signs on the digital platform of Zee TV. Today, Rashme is an accomplished Wiccan, a Healer and a Divinator.