Therese Dufour;Marie-Claire Hamon;Marie Bretin;Dipa Chaudhuri

Therese Dufour is a storyteller and conducts workshops on therapeutic tales. Marie-Claire Hamon is a psychoanalyst and yoga instructor trained at the French School of Yoga. Marie Bretin is a French illustrator born in the Parisian region. After studying Applied Arts in Paris and Toulouse, she chose to become an illustrator in 2014. Her illustrations are both cute and colourful. She spends a lot of time looking for a range of colours before starting a project. Today she works mainly for publishing houses for the youth, but her little motifs can also be spotted on children’s clothes. A young mother, she takes a fresh and tender look at the world of toddlers. Dipa Chaudhuri, a publishing professional for two decades, has an M.Phil. in French Literature from Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7. She is Chief Editor, Om Books International. She is also the co-translator of Asterix in Hindi.