Chandi: The Saviour Goddess – Indian Mythology for Children – Goddess of India – Story book for Kids

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This story is derived from the epic poems Mangal Kavyas dedicated to folk deities in medieval Bengal. These were chanted at religious gatherings to propagate faith towards a deity. The story of the Saviour Goddess Chandi centres around a wealthy merchant and his two wives. When their husband is away, the elder wife ill-treats the younger one. Some divine girls advise the younger wife to worship the benevolent Goddess Chandi. What follows is a tale of devotion and faith, but it also involves a woman’s wisdom and ability to take thoughtful decision at testing times. Interestingly, this story portrays that god and man are bound in a network where both are dependent on each other. Till the end, the plot is so unpredictable that the reader remains engrossed in it.

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