J.C. Chaudhry : The Incredible Aakash Story

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J.C. Chaudhry has been closely associated with the field of teaching and education for 48 years, motivating lakhs of students and shaping their future careers. J.C. Chaudhry: The Incredible Aakash Story traces his journey from an educator to one of India?s most successful academic entrepreneurs. He established Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) in 1988 and redefined the Indian test-preparatory coaching industry. Aakash excels as a standalone brand today. With more than 31 years of operational experience, a strong selection track record in Medical and Engineering entrance exams and Foundation level exams, a pan-India network of over 200 Aakash Centres, and a student count of more than 2,50,000, Aakash has become the most trusted name in the country for focused learning. This book is a fascinating account of J.C. Chaudhry?s life story. It highlights his determination and grit, and his abiding commitment to students, which helped him turn his dream into reality. He has successfully played the roles of a dedicated teacher, an entrepreneur, a numerologist, a philanthropist, a motivational speaker, a family man and a brilliant investor over the years. His experiences and beliefs, shared candidly in J.C. Chaudhry: The Incredible Aakash Story are an invaluable source of inspiration to students, entrepreneurs and business leaders of all stripes.

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