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“I wonder if this whole emphasis on understanding where others come from and sympathizing with them without imposing any judgment or correction can go too far? It does make us feel rather noble and evolved and all of that, but really, if someone needs to be shown his erroneous ways, is it not the better thing to do to simply point out what he has done wrong and tell him to mind his behavior? There are times when the way certain people act is just too disturbing and being a passive observer to it is also wrong!?
?Thank you for the question, Aditi. I am glad you raised that point. Empathy and compassion must not be confused with encouraging or allowing any form of harmful behavior. It means addressing the problem from its roots, and how will you do that if you do not understand the source of the wrongdoer?s pain; the source which lies in the lack of proper nurturing that the mind and heart of such a man has received, and which we have been fortunate enough to have.
?People often confuse ideas of ?love? and ?acceptance? with being a doormat. That is not what it means. Change is only possible when you see the situation as it is. Only then can the right action arise from a deeper wisdom.?”

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