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As a young boy, Hari watches his widowed mother single-handedly shoulder the responsibility of the family that had been cast adrift by the sudden demise of his father. Driven by the desire to shield her children from abject poverty, she decides to move with the family to South India. Following years of struggle and penury, Hari grows up to be a schoolmaster, living by the values he teaches. That, however, is not always easy for him to do and he often finds himself in conflict with a society that is as orthodox as it is unwilling to change. Through a chain of unforeseen events, Hari finds himself as a lone traveler on the winding road fate has chalked out for him. Masterji is a moving tale of a man in conflict with the world and with himself in search of an eternal truth that lies beyond both.

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      19.8 x 12.9 x 1.7 cm
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      200 g
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      Om Books International
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