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Sidelined by her vain father, Sir Walter Elliot, and her self-indulgent
elder sister, Elizabeth, Anne Elliot has always been swayed by others
in her life decisions. Tough times force the Elliots to shift from their
beloved home, Kellynch Hall, to Bath and Anne uses this opportunity
to visit her sister, Mary Musgrove.
But this trip brings with it a fated meeting with the man she had
once loved and rejected???Captain Frederick Wentworth. Confronted
with each other again as they move in the same social circle, will
Captain Wentworth get over the past? Will Anne step out of her
shell and the boundaries set by her family?۪s false sense of pride to
come to terms with her true feelings for the Captain?
In Persuasion, Jane Austen uses a host of characters to string
together a tale of love, while remarking on the societal facades and
eccentricities of the English in the early 19th-century.

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