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Pride and Prejudice traces the life of the Bennet sisters in the
Victorian times. It addresses ideas of morality, social standing of
women, class divide and its idiosyncrasies through the experiences
of Elizabeth Bennet, the second daughter of Mr and Mrs Bennet.
All is calm and quiet in Longbourne until the summer when the
mild-mannered Mr Bingley and his uptight friend Mr Darcy rent
the nearby estate of Netherfield Park. Mr Bingley falls instantly
for the shy, sensitive Jane, the eldest of the five Bennet girls, but
sparks fly when Elizabeth and Mr Darcy meet. And so enters love,
and with it comes turmoil into their young lives.
Will Jane and Mr Bingley get together, despite their social
differences? Will Elizabeth look beyond her first impressions of
Mr Darcy? How will their choices affect their future as well as that
of their sisters? This classic novel answers all this as Jane Austen
skilfully weaves various themes that were quintessential to the lives
of the landed gentry in early 19th century England.

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