Satyagraha : The Story Behind the Revolution

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This is the story behind the story of the revolution. It is the story of the hard work that went on for months. It is the story of fun on the sets. It is the story of costume crises and art direction accidents! It is the story of how a city was constructed in three months and torn down in two weeks. It is the story of actors putting the story above themselves. It is the story of how people come together with one passion?the passion to tell the story of a revolution. This story, too, is no less than a revolution. At Prakash Jha Productions, the vision is ?Cinema with Power?. The emphasis is on fresh ideas, a strong narrative, original plots across different genres and piloting fresh trails which are commercially viable. The motive is to present to audiences in India and around the world fascinating and enthralling stories crafted by filmmakers from India and abroad.

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