Snow White : A Novella

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“Set in and around KafkaesqueVienna,SnowWhite is a fast-paced thriller teeming with exciting twists and turns. Starting off at the former bank headquarters of the Creditanstalt, the action moves to a military training ground at the Austrian border, then back to the city?s Josefstadt district. As the protagonist Atam, son of a Rajasthani princess and a Viennese baroness, proceeds on his mission, he has to grapple with the fact that nothing is as it seems and no one is who they claim to be. Snow White, the mysterious woman he runs into, is all smoke and mirrors, a master puppeteer pulling the strings and ensnaring him in more than one trap. The fate of humanity and a planet ravaged by climate change hangs on Atam?s shoulders but the odds are stacked high against him.”

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      19.8 x 12.9 x 1.2 cm
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      150 g
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      Om Books International
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