The Culture Trap

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On a journey to find more about her own Marwari roots, Vidhi found herself invited into the homes of several women who wanted to talk to an outsider who wasn’t a part of their immediate community. Having struggled with the culture and tradition that she was born to her, she decided to convert the lived experiences of the 200 Marwari women she spoke to into a book. That is how The Culture Trap came to be, a poet’s account about the lived experiences of women in the Marwari community in Rajasthan Though rooted in the experiences of women in Rajasthan, the poems in this volume speak of the world sisterhood of women. The struggles and joys the women she spoke to experienced, the scars they carry, the hopes they have buried and those still alive within – all find expression in these poems which highlight, expose, influence and transform these realities of women fighting for a better tomorrow.

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