Tina Nobis & Babi Nobis

Babi Nobis has explored the incredible wilderness of both the Indian and African wildlife reserves. His passion for wildlife is showcased in his first pictorial, On Safari – The Tiger and The Baobab Tree. His photograph, ‘Leopard With a Kill’ taken in the Masai Mara, was part of the entry which won India the gold medal in the FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) World Cup 2010, and Babi the individual World Cup silver medal. He has held solo exhibitions of his photographs in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and at the Kolmarden Wildlife Park, Sweden. He is a founder member of WPSI (Wildlife Protection Society of India). Great Wild Cats – Born To Be Free is a collection of his photographs of tigers, lions, and leopards clicked in India, Africa, and Sri Lanka. These images are dynamic, evocative and forge an emotional bond with the viewer.

Tina Nobis is a textile designer and ceramic sculptor. She has travelled extensively with her husband Babi to wildlife areas around the world. She shares his passion for the great cats and is a keen wildlife video photographer herself. While she definitely believes that the photographs in this book tell their own story, the notes in her diary make for the comprehensive writing in the book as do the breathtaking videos the book frequently leads us to.