Viveck Rai Marwah

Viveck Rai Marwah was born in Delhi and has a degree in business management. Inspired by his proclivity for spiritual and philosophical discourses, his first book, A Passage Through Life: A Saga of Life, Death and Beyond, was published in 2004. He has personally encountered many mystics in the last fifteen years on regular journeys to the lower Himalayas. His keen interest in philosophy, religion, and mysticism took him to Tibet and other regions in north-east India where Buddhist philosophy is still alive in ordinary life. An avid theosophist,Viveck’s journeys to such areas have helped him develop a better understanding of ancient Kangyur texts, rendering him deeply influenced by Buddhist culture and theology. His current work, a fable, is a culmination of all that he has seen, learnt, and encountered thus far.