The Mind Traveller – Warrior of Shaka

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Young Sankalp’s family is brutally murdered by a band of soldiers led by Darqan Doodra, a renegade general feared across the kingdom of Lhasa. He is barely able to escape with his life. Seeking refuge in the mountains surrounding his once idyllic village, he stumbles upon a wondrous cave where he meets Kalimpong, the fabled monk possessed of great powers and learning. Struck by what he senses within Sankalp, the monk takes him as his disciple.Thus begins the young boy’s incredible journey. Guided by Kalimpong, he overcomes his pain and anger and seeks to understand why fate dealt him such a terrible blow.With his mind awakened to a higher perception, he is able to go beyond the limitations of the physical self, to become a ‘mind-traveller’, crossing to a dimension beyond the known laws of the universe. Sankalp the warrior monk must now chart his course to the glorious city of Lhasa, to a court rife with treachery, conspiracy and rumour. Although his chosen path is fraught with danger, Sankalp knows he must fight, both for the sake of his people and for the peace of his soul.

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      Om Books International
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