Arjuna : The Greatest Lover

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Arjuna is remembered as a great warrior and an archer extraordinaire, but did you know that he was also the greatest lover to have ever lived? Arjuna won Draupadi at her swayamvar as his wife, but were you aware that he had three other wives as well? Abhimanyu was Arjuna?s son. But Arjuna had four other sons, one of whom became his arch enemy. Arjuna the Greatest Lover delves deep into the story of the passionate lover and warrior. After Arjuna wins Draupadi?s hand in marriage, a mistake on his mother?s part results in Draupadi ending up as the common wife of all five Pandavas. With Draupadi by their side, the brothers turn the forests of Khandavaprastha to the beautiful city of Indraprastha. Unfortunately, Arjuna breaks a pact concerning Draupadi, and is exiled from the city. During his exile, he travels across the land. On the way he meets Ulupi, the Naga princess; Chitrangadha, the warrior queen; Lord Krishna?s sister, Subadhra; and the celestial nymph and dancer, Urvashi. These women, who loved Arjuna deeply, tell the tale of his adventures in love and life in Arjuna the Greatest Lover.

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