Battlefield Brothers : Four Siblings, Two Wars, One Valiant Family

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Having witnessed the horrors of the 1965 War, Captain Manjit Singh Oberoi sided with his mother against the decision of sending a young Avinder to serve in the armed forces, much against the wish of his elder brother, Captain Bhupinder Jit Singh Oberoi, and father, retired SSP Sardar Tarlok Singh, who consider serving the nation a clan vocation. For Bhupinder, it was also a shot at redemption for his personal defeat in the war. Sandwiched between their divided views, Avinder Jeet Singh Oberoi joins the armed forces. But when he goes missing in action during the 1971 War, Manjit accuses Bhupinder for putting their brother in harm?s way. While Bhupinder embarks on a personal quest to find and save Avinder, Manjit finds himself in a situation on the western border where only infinite courage can save him. What will be the ultimate fate of the Oberoi brothers? Read this story of extraordinary soldiering, unparalleled brotherhood and deep-rooted family values, and witness how the Oberoi brothers, divided by the 1965 War, find themselves united after the war of 1971.

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