Finding Order in Disorder

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Ishaa Vinod Chopra battled bipolar disorder for over a decade. She has also been a victim of domestic abuse in her short-lived marriage. Finding Order in Disorder is a stunning memoir of her experiences battling enormous odds and emerging triumphant. In lucid, simple prose the author addresses what it is like to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, how it affects interpersonal relationships, and how societal norms influence our understanding of and responses to mental health issues. She also narrates how these traumatic and life- altering experiences have helped her gain insights into life and empowered her to the extent that along with being an early childhood educator, she is now an active campaigner for mental health. With wisdom stemming from first-hand experience, she provides a haunting account of repeated hospitalizations, heavy medication, heartbreak, and discrimination based on diagnosis, while advocating the importance of art therapy, dance, yoga and self-love to cope with mental health issues. Brutally honest and often piercing in its observations, this is a memoir that is both heart-wrenching and inspirational.

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